City Manager's Office

The City Manager’s Office is the liaison between the Mayor and City Council and members of the public. The Mayor and City Council provide strategy and policy direction to the City Manager, and the City Manager implements those strategies and policies by directing efforts of 2,400 city staff through effective leadership.  

Within the City Manager’s Office are several key sections:  

The Community Police Review Commission, which independently reviews citizen concerns, recommends policy changes and conducts public outreach.   

The Internal Audit Division, which provides the City with independent, objective and reliable information regarding the services and functions of City government.

The Office of  Communications, which tells Riverside’s story with print, digital and video, flyers, press releases and social media. 

The Office of Homeless Solutions, which works with local businesses, non-profits and public agencies to address and alleviate homeless issues in Riverside.

And Intergovernmental Relations, which works with local and regional governments to partner and collaborate on common issues.