City of Riverside Opening First COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Saturday

Published: 1/28/2021



Jan. 28, 2021



Phil Pitchford

Public Information Officer





City of Riverside Opening First COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Saturday

Site north of Riverside Convention Center will offer 500 shots per day by appointment only

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – People who live and work in Riverside will have convenient access to the COVID-19 vaccination as soon as Saturday, when the City of Riverside opens its first vaccination site in a large parking lot just north of the Riverside Convention Center.

As many as 500 vaccinations will be available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day starting Saturday, then continuing Monday-Friday starting the following week, provided the City can continue to receive consistent shipments of the vaccine from the state. The number of daily vaccinations will grow if more vaccine becomes available.

Interested parties can learn more about the vaccine and learn how to sign up for an appointment at the Riverside vaccination site by visiting https://vaccine.riversideca.gov. The website includes a link to make an appointment. Appointment slots are expected to be available by the end of Thursday.

“Vaccinations, combined with the continued wearing of a mask and adherence to physical distancing – these are the steps we need to take together as a community to reduce the impact of COVID-19,” Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson said. “I encourage Riversiders to get vaccinated in accordance with the state’s guidelines so we can stop the spread of the virus and speed our recovery.”

The vaccination site is being created with the same company the City has partnered with to greatly increase the number of COVID-19 tests being conducted in western Riverside County. Curative Inc. operates multiple testing sites around Riverside and will continue to offer testing at existing locations while focusing exclusively on vaccinations at the Convention Center site. To schedule a test, visit RiversideCA.gov/testing.

The vaccine is currently available to people who are 65 or older or work in Phase 1A (all tiers) or Phase 1B. Anyone interested in getting vaccinated should determine whether they are part of the groups, which are shown in this chart.

Updated 02/02/2021: The first allocation of the vaccine was Moderna, which requires a second shot 28 days later. That second shot can be scheduled through the same website as appointments open up closer to each person’s respective 28th day. The second shot can be taken after 28 days, but never before. Based on availability, future allocations may be Pfizer which will then require a second shot 21 days later. Upon securing a timeslot, a confirmation email will be sent notifying each person whether their shot will be Moderna or Pfizer. 

Nobody will be vaccinated without an appointment. No walk-up vaccinations or on-site registrations will be permitted.

People who get appointments and are eligible because of their age should bring a photo identification card showing their birth date. People who get appointments and are eligible because of their work should plan to bring an identification badge and/or letter from work proving eligibility. No-cost parking is available.

People who receive appointments should arrive at the vaccination site near the time of their appointment, not earlier and definitely not later. Each person will be checked in by computer, then moved under a large tent, where they will receive the shot, then be observed for 15 minutes to check for potential adverse reactions.

“Riverside has had great success on the testing front, working with Curative to dramatically increase residents’ ability to make informed decisions about their health and the health of their families,” Mayor Pro Tem Jim Perry said. “I look forward to seeing us replicate that success with vaccinations.”

Everyone who gets an appointment should plan to wear a mask or face covering while at the vaccination site. Vaccine supply and appointments are limited. All appointments are subject to change due to vaccine availability. More appointment dates will be scheduled as future vaccine availability is confirmed. Check the website regularly.

The vaccination is highly recommended, even if a person has previously recovered from COVID-19 and believes they have antibodies.

For the latest information and resources regarding COVID-19 -- www.RiversideCA.gov/COVID-19