Published: 05/20/2022


In response to the recent home invasion robberies occurring in our city, we have a team of detectives and officers dedicated to investigating this uptick in criminal activity. As a result of their continued efforts, we have kept certain information about these investigations out of the public while leads are being followed up on, but will release some details when the need arises for our community’s help. In the meantime, we have set up an email for community members to send in any digital security video and information that could assist in these investigations. Our team is working tirelessly to solve these crimes and are asking for the public to send them relevant information, images, or video of suspicious people and vehicles seen in the neighborhoods where these robberies have occurred. ⁣

There have been four home invasion robberies that occurred in the Alessandro Heights and Sycamore Highlands neighborhoods over the past month. They are:⁣


▪️ April 10 – 7700 block of Kingdom Drive⁣

▪️ May 10 – 14100 block of Ashton Lane⁣

▪️ May 15 – 18400 block of Moss Road⁣

▪️ May 17 – 1500 block of Kyle Court⁣

If you have any relevant information, images, or digital video regarding these crimes or prior suspicious activity that could be related, please send an email to 212.5TF@RiversideCA.gov. If you witness suspicious activity that is not an emergency but in real time, please contact our Public Safety Communications Center at (951) 354-2007. For crimes in progress or other emergencies, please dial 9-1-1.⁣

Here are a few safety measures you can take at your home:⁣


▪️ Keep your doors and windows locked whether you are home or away⁣

▪️ Reassess your alarm and/or camera systems to make sure they are updated and working properly⁣

▪️ If you see anything out of place or suspicious in your neighborhood, please report your observations to our Public Safety Communications Center at (951) 354-2007⁣

▪️ Meet and talk with your neighbors so you can all stay informed⁣

The safety of our residents, businesses, and visitors is our number one priority.⁣