Expand Your Social Bubble. Take Care of Yourself and Those Around You

Published: 06/24/2020

Take Care of Yourself & Those Around You

As many regions reopen, some experts warn that the easing of physical distancing practices is occurring too quickly. Gatherings of all sizes increase the chances of spreading COVID-19, and those chances go up as the number of attendees go up.

Social Bubble Benefits

For the benefit of mental, physical, and logistical (such as elderly care and childcare) health, as well as reducing the effects of social isolation, expansion of the Social Bubble concept is starting to take hold as part of an alternative and creative phase-in process to safely socially engage individuals and families as well as reopen businesses and communities.

social bubble illustration

How Does It Work

Social Bubbling occurs when TWO OR THREE FAMILIES agree to socialize with one another but no one else.

Within a bubble, mutually-trusted families can socialize together in a “normal” fashion often without regard to physical distancing, just as they could if they were members of the same household. But outside of the bubble, they agree upon and follow recommended physical distancing and public health guidelines.


Things to Note

  • Bubbles should be exclusive. Once in one, you can’t switch and start another with a different household.
  • All members of the social bubble should follow the same public health guidelines in order to minimize any outside exposure.
  • If anyone in your social bubble develops coronavirus symptoms,everyone in the bubble should self-isolate.
  • Members should continue to stay alert and limit contact with others. Staying at home is the easiest way to do this but essential errands remain a priority.

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