Riverside County launches mobile app to report nonessential businesses

Published: 04/10/2020



For users looking to report violations located within the city of Riverside, please continue to utilize 3-1-1. For outside the city, please use the County app.


The County of Riverside created an app and online form to report violations of state and county public health orders issued to stem the spread of COVID-19.

“We must mitigate and suppress the spread of the coronavirus. This app will help identify hotspots that will lead to efficiently responding to businesses that are risking the health of the community,” said Chair V. Manuel Perez, Fourth District Supervisor.

RivCoMobile – which also provides services and information to residents – has a “Coronavirus” feature on the landing page. This will be used to make anonymous reports about possible violations of orders issued by the State of California or the County of Riverside public health officer.

These violations may include the operation of nonessential businesses, unauthorized gatherings and failure by essential businesses to comply with health orders such as facial coverings and social distancing for staff or patrons. The new feature will provide critical data to Riverside University Health System health officials, who track and address the spread of COVID-19 in Riverside County.

“Unfortunately, we’ve received numerous reports of violations throughout the County. This data will allow us to map areas of noncompliance, where we anticipate there will be associated outbreaks of COVID-19 and a corresponding need for resources,” said Dr. Geoffrey Leung, Riverside University Health System.

Users will specify the address and type of violation in the report. The feature also includes the option to attach a photo. RivCoMobile is available for both iOS and Android. Anonymous violation reports can also be made at www.rivcoph.org/coronavirus.