Statement from the City of Riverside re America First rally

Published: 7/15/2021


The City of Riverside owns the Riverside Convention Center and contracts with Raincross Hospitality Corp. to manage and operate the facility.

Information regarding that arrangement can be found here: https://riversideca.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=F&ID=7687378&GUID=3945655B-6030-4B38-BF6A-1AE294134034

A copy of the management agreement can be found here: https://riversideca.legistar.com/View.ashx?M=F&ID=7687193&GUID=D58AC432-7BE2-4E96-BEDB-5305A75A3210

The booking of an event by Raincross Hospitality Corp. is not an endorsement by the City of Riverside of the views that may be expressed at that event.

The City of Riverside is an inclusive community and has affirmed its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion through the City Council’s actions and policies.

Raincross Hospitality has worked with organizers of the America First rally and with the Riverside Police Department to ensure that adequate security is provided for the event this weekend.

Questions regarding the event should be directed to event organizers or Raincross Hospitality Corp.

The cost of providing security for the event is born by the event organizers, not the City of Riverside.

The City of Riverside will continue to work with Raincross Hospitality Corp. to ensure that any event now or in the future that is held at the Riverside Convention Center is conducted safely and in a manner that is consistent with the management agreement between the two entities.