Street sweeping services, parking enforcement suspended in City of Riverside

Published: 12/15/2020


Street Sweeping Services:

During the Governor’s Regional “Stay at Home” Order, the City of Riverside will temporarily suspend Street Sweeping services in residential areas throughout the City while this order is in effect.  As such, parking enforcement for Street Sweeping violations will also be suspended.


Parking Enforcement Services:

 As of December 15, 2020, the City of Riverside will implement relaxed enforcement of other parking regulations.  For example, vehicles parked in preferential parking zones without a permit will not be cited.  This effort will remain in effect for the duration of the Regional Stay at Home Order.


To accommodate the businesses’ needs for takeout and curbside pickup services, they are encouraged to utilize any existing legal parking zones - including at metered parking spaces.


Parking staff will continue to respond to Service Requests and will use discretion to determine enforcement action.  


Although we will reduce parking patrols, safety related violations will continue to be enforced. These include and are not limited to parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, red zone, zones designated as No Stopping/No Parking, blocking sidewalk, blocking crosswalk, and parking in a space reserved for persons with disabilities.  


In addition, all parking citation payment deadlines are being extended until March 15, 2021.


Parking Operations of Garages:

Parking fees will continue to be collected at garages during daytime hours; however, the evening hours of fee collections are being suspended for the duration of the Regional Stay at Home order. Garages will still be open for public parking during evening hours.


For more information, please visit the City’s COVID-19 website in the Facilities & Services tab for updates to parking services.