Ways to Inspire Your Neighbors

Published: 6/30/2020

Community Activities


gathering with social distancingGlenwood Ramble Gathering
painted rockRiverside Rocks
neighborhood scavanger huntNeighborhood Scavanger Hunt


Glenwood Ramble: Neighbors find a way to connect... #GlenwoodRamble... songs by neighborhood musicians on a Sunday afternoon ... with social distancing.... SALUTE to Keith Alex for organizing this event.

Kindness Rocks: A Kindess Rock is simply a rock that someone has decorated with an inspirational message. They can be any size or shape. The point of these is to sprinkle positivity around your community. One message at just the right moment can change your whole day.

Riverside Rocks: Riverside Painted Rocks has a Facebook page where people post the rocks that are found in town and they also created a "rock garden" at Boniminio Park near the Community Garden.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt: This scavenger hunt gives you fun ways to begin exploring the different pieces that make-up your community. By putting these pieces together, you might even learn some of your town’s secrets!

Share Your Story: In times like these, it's always uplifting when we can focus on positive things that are happening around us. Neighbors need neighbors now more than ever.

Signs of Encouragement: With stay-at-home orders in place across much of the country, many people are feeling more isolated than ever. Residents have been placing signs in their windows to encourage and support those around them. Window signs have been used to thank delivery drivers and first responders, as well as to celebrate birthday's and graduations.
More Signs

Teddy Bear Hunt: Communities across the globe are placing teddy bears and other stuffed animals in their homes’ windows to create a scavenger hunt-esque activity for kids who are stuck at home.

Don’t forget to share your neighborhood creativity on social by using #ILoveRiverside