Braille Institute Riverside Neighborhood Center

Published: 03/15/2022

Teacher working with student a the Baille Institute


“Our Riverside Neighborhood Center’s dedicated volunteers are eager to serve and help those with low vision. Your independence can be regained at our center or through in-home visits.” - Frank Pefley, Regional Manager

6974 Brockton Avenue Suite #100
Riverside, CA 92506

With over 100 years in business, the Braille Institute helps blind and visually impaired persons of all ages seeking assistance with job preparation and life skills. The Braille Institute provides a broad range of free programs and services including: career counseling, training in adaptive technology, independent living skills, job readiness skills, sensory efficiency, social interaction skills, and college and career readiness. They offer in-home services, low vision rehabilitation, and programs such as the music program and telephone reader program.

For school-age youth with low vision, the Braille Institute offers workshops led by their Child Development Program that aim to create a solid foundation by working with educators and parents. With hands-on learning, students and their families explore key resources that include college visits, career-exploration, Johnny Mercer music program, and advocacy support to promote independence, ultimately leading to a better quality of life

Additionally, the Braille Institute’s in-house library has services that benefit everyone. Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the browsing area, patron computer, wi-fi connection, expert reader advisors, CCTV, BARD Station, scheduled BARD sessions, and the SHELF Project, which allows for downloads of locally-produced books.

For those with low or no vision, there is an extremely high need for services in this area; Riverside’s local Braille Institute location provides easier accessibility than traveling to other locations in Anaheim, Palm Desert, Los Angeles, Laguna Hills, San Diego, or Santa Barbara.


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