Riverside Public Works Department Encourages Good Recycling Habits

Published: 05/17/2018


With advances in recycling technology, we have more options than ever to repurpose what used to be trash into new products. Most Riverside residents have three rolling carts for waste. These carts come in three colors: brown or black – regular trash; blue – recycling; and green – green waste/yard waste. All items that go in the blue and green containers are RECYCLABLE in some way. It can sometimes be confusing to know what goes where. However, it is important, so we need your help to sort your waste properly. Accidentally throwing trash in your blue or green container means the recyclable material can’t be properly processed and has to be sent to a landfill as trash, which is not good for our environment or community. However, if you are not sure if it is recyclable or trash, it is best to throw it in the trash container—this ensures the recycling stays good and clean. Also, if you’re not sure, you can call Riverside’s Call Center at (951) 826-5311 or visit RiversideCA.gov/PublicWorks/Trash for more information.

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