Vehicle Speed Reduction Project Aims to Improve Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety

Published: 01/23/18



Jan. 23, 2018



Nathan Mustafa

Senior Engineer

Public Works Traffic Engineering Division



Vehicle Speed Reduction Project Aims to Improve Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – The City of Riverside Public Works Department will soon implement a Vehicle Speed Reduction Project that will include the installation of speed feedback signs on 13 local roadways near public schools and parks throughout the City, as well as the distribution of bicycle helmets and educational and safety materials to students at nearby schools.

These speed reduction devices will educate motorists regarding their travel speeds and aid them in gaining compliance with posted speed limits to provide a safer environment for students, pedestrians, and bicyclists on their routes to and from area schools and community parks.

The speed feedback signs also compile data pertaining to traffic speeds and volumes, enabling improved monitoring and assessment of traffic patterns to determine if targeted enforcement efforts and/or other traffic calming measures are appropriate.

Higher vehicular speeds have been correlated with increased degree of injury in pedestrian and bicyclist involved collisions. The upcoming project will seek to elevate drivers’ awareness of their travel speeds, decrease prevailing traffic speeds, and reduce the number and severity of pedestrian and bicyclist involved collisions in the selected areas. The program also aims to increase student bicycle helmet usage, visibility to motorists, and knowledge of safe pedestrian and bicyclist practices.

The Public Works Department is optimistic that this important project will foster the City's efforts in enhancing pedestrian and bicyclist safety Citywide.

Funding for this project is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.